24 juni, 2009

Hollywood, spelbranschen och Riddick

Hollywood och spelbranschen talar inte samma språk, säger Tigon Studios' Ian Stevens och tar bland annat The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, utvecklat av Starbreeze, som exempel:

Q: Butcher Bay was a good example of how to treat a film license well, from the game's point of view - so in other words, not just a 'game of the film'. The understanding that videogames are a different medium, and require a different approach, was an important milestone - so did you know at the time you were working on a special title?

Ian Stevens: I don't think so - to be honest, up until we started getting review scores, the feeling we had from most people was an incredible lack of interest. Seriously. It was a movie game, it was a developer that people hadn't really heard of, it was some actor that people weren't really sure they liked, and it was a publisher that didn't have a reputation for quality. Nobody really gave a sh*t.

I remember at E3 that year, when people actually got a chance to play it, you could see their eyebrows raising. But that was the first time really. We felt as if nobody was really going to pay it any attention.

Läs hela intervjun hos GamesIndustry.biz: A Hollywood tale

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