15 januari, 2010

Anonyma anställda betygsätter Starbreeze

Workplace Video Game är en sajt där anställda spelutvecklare anonymt kan betygsätta sina arbetsgivare, vilket en del av personalen på Starbreeze tagit chansen att göra

Bland personalens kommentarer kan man läsa:


Very talented artists and programmers that are very helpful and support when needed.


Incomplete/bad planning which leads to a lot of stress. Poor communication between different groups. The fact that time served (which is different from experience) sometimes has more impact than talent and insight. A company-wide unwillingness to embrace new standards and processes originating from the "good old days" when things did end up superior by doing it yourself, which is far from the truth these days.

1 kommentar:

Magnus sa...

hoppas företagat tar tillvara på kritiken...

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