24 mars, 2010

LA Times: Inget Bourne-spel på G

"The video game company (EA) said it was exterminating a planned game based on the Jason Bourne spy novels and movies. That move raises serious questions about the future of a 10-year deal EA signed with the estate of the late Bourne author Robert Ludlum last year.

One person close to the Ludlum estate said that the two companies' partnership remains in effect. However, an EA spokeswoman confirmed that there are currently no Ludlum-related games in the works."

Källa:  Future of Bourne video games uncertain as EA cancels title [updated]  Los Angeles Times

1 kommentar:

Tero Lohti sa...

Damn shame that is i must say, was looking forward to this title. The silverscreen production is kinda enormous and it would have been cool to step into it through my pc.

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