21 maj, 2008

The Darkness har sålt 1,6 miljoner exemplar

Filip Sablik från serietidningsförlaget Top Cow berättade nyligen
i en intervju att spelet The Darkness hade sålt 1,6 miljoner exemplar i hela världen. Han svarade också på frågan om hur det går med planerna att göra film av The Darkness.

JS: Speaking of video games, where are we in the development of "The Darkness 2"?

FS: I can't officially confirm a sequel. I can say that the first video game went platinum and sold over 1.6 million copies worldwide. Everyone's pretty happy with how it did and we're looking forward to seeing where the franchise goes from here.

JS: If Witchblade is the number one franchise at Top Cow, then The Darkness is certainly number two. Is there potential for a Darkness movie?

FS: Sure. We have a ton of interest right now from Hollywood (largely thanks to the success of the video game). We'll be looking at our options and assuming we can find the right folks to partner with on the project we'll move forward. The key is finding the right people who understand that we want to be involved and this is a property that is near and dear to us. It was because Starbreeze and 2K were so open to working with us and really understood the heart of the character that the video game was so successful and true to the comic.

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