09 januari, 2009

Riddick: Dark Athena - förhandsintryck

Jag antar att det inom de närmaste dagarna kommer att dyka upp fler beskrivande förhandsintryck av Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena. För att de ska bli enklare att hitta kommer jag att samla dem i den här bloggposten.

Nu kör vi.

"Dark Athena, even in this almost-finished state, is a cinematic masterpiece" Computer and video games 2009-01-15

"We left our demo with the feeling that Atari have a sure thing on their hands...Assault on Dark Athena could very well be 2009's first essential title" Telegraph 2009-01-13

"It looks as if Chronicles of Riddick could be the first must have game of 2009" IGN Xbox 360 2009-01-09

"Dark Athena itself is shaping up to be one of the first big games this year that you might want to start getting excited about" EuroGamer 2009-01-09

"Bra blir bättre" Level 7 2009-01-03

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