03 december, 2008

Riddick: Dark Athena (demo) - recensioner

"Chronicles of Riddick – Here We Go Again In The Best Possible Way" Kotaku

"The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena is quickly shooting to the top of our list of most-anticipated titles of 2009." TeamXbox

"For as long as Assault on Dark Athena has been in development, 30 minutes isn't nearly enough time to give a thorough assessment of how the project is coming along, but what's there so far is hugely impressive." The Escapist

"To put it bluntly, Dark Athena is the geeky girl with braces, ratty hair, a lumpy body and a great personality that you turned down in high school, only to find out at your five-year reunion that she became a Victoria's Secret model. Fortunately, that stellar personality is still intact, and she's willing to give you a second chance to see all that she had to offer back in study hall, plus five year's worth of sexy new additions." Big Download

"When you add the fact that the content for Escape From Butcher Bay and the Assault on Dark Athena seems to be about the same length, as well as multiplayer features that the company has yet to reveal, it looks like the game will be jam-packed with features." GameSpot

"It looks as though Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena may actually get a release some time soon, with the game making a show in impressive form at Atari's press event in London today.
/.../We saw it in action today though and it looks pretty damn good, although you can't quite see that from the gloomy screens." Computer and Video Games

"But a sequel? That's what we needed. For those of you who never played the first title on the Xbox or PC, you seriously missed out on one of the most satisfying - and surprising - experiences of 2004." PSX Extreme

"Taking advantage of new hardware technologies, the game will present a reinvention of Escape from Butcher Bay, delivering 2004’s award winning experience in high definition with stunning enhancements." Planet Xbox360

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