30 december, 2008

The Outforce - Starbreeze första spel

Jag har tidigare skrivit om Starbreezes första spel, The Outforce
Ett spel som tycktes mig helt obegripligt utifrån mina bristande spelerfarenheter vid den tiden spelet släpptes. När jag i dag fick nedanstående kommentar till spelets trailer som jag lagt ut på Tuben, så kände jag att det var läge att publicera den:

One of the best strategy Games but with nearly no promotion :-(
Did you manage the Bonus Mission? (After the last mission u have
2 wait untill credits are over. Then it will be loading.)

I did... took me month of playing. I expected something to be after this mission, but as far as I know there is nothing. A map editor is not included in the game, but I think I remember something like that and didn't get it running.

I wish there would be more games like that, but I am dreaming...

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