03 november, 2009

Starbreeze nöjda med Career Fair i London

Starbreeze är helnöjda med resultatet av sin medverkan vid GamesIndustry.biz Career Fair i samband med årets Eurogamer Expo i London. Robert Nyberg, HR manager hos Starbreeze, säger:

Absolutely, we're pleased with the attendance. There have been lots and lots of people, we've been looking at resumes and portfolios all day long - it's been great.

We came here last year and it's certainly better - we've met interesting candidates, and we've changed our own procedure a little bit so we can better handle it. We're based in Sweden, so this isn't our core recruitment centre, but we're still interested to bring people over from the UK if we find the right talent.

Källa: Exhibitors hail "fantastic" Career Fair GamesIndustry.biz

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