26 mars, 2009

Dark Athena: De första recensionerna

Xbox 360

Despite the name on the box, AODA's latter half makes it a supporting act to Butcher's Bay's main attraction. It doesn't matter how many triple twists and double somersaults a gymnast pulls if he smashes his face on the landing, and AODA crash lands pretty bloody hard. Fortunately, it's a broken nose limited to a small part of a packed box. [Apr 2009, p.82] Xbox World 360 Magazine UK. Omdöme: 84/100

There's plenty to be getting excited about, despite a slight lack of originality and visual finesse. Make no mistake, Dark Athena is first class stealth/action game with a double dose of top-notch entertainment that competently unites elements of "Mirror's Edge" and the "Splinter Cell" series. [Mar 2009, p.84] Official Xbox Magazine UK. Omdöme: 80/100

PlayStation 3

It's absolutely worth bearing in mind when weighing up a purchase: you're getting two full games here, both dark and complex, and both well worth playing. [Mar 2009, p.86] Playstation Official Magazine UK. Omdöme: 80/100

The chassis of Dark Athena is five years old and it makes for a safe and at times a predictable experience. Still, this is a Credit Crunch-busting package, and it's highly recommended...Reminds me why I love the original. The best thing Vin's done. [Apr 2009, p.91] PSW Magazine UK. Omdöme: 80/100


A brutally enjoyable stealth shooter that revisits and builds on the success of the original Escape from Butcher Bay. [May 2009, p.84] PC Gamer. Omdöme: 80/100

Not in any way groundbreaking, but two games in one and hugely entertaining nonetheless. [Issue#18, p.52] Total PC Gaming. Omdöme: 80/100

The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena gets stuck in one gear for too long. Even though the game has many same aspects as the great Escape from Butcher Bay, the pacing is bad and the action forces you to run through the same corridors over and over again. The included Escape from Butcher Bay is still a masterpiece, however. [Mar 2009] Pelit (Finland). Omdöme: 78/100

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Anonym sa...

I min desperata längtat att läsa nya reviews av AoDE kollade jag på Gamespots video-review av EfBB. Vilken fantastisk review det var och vilken härlig aktion i bakgrunden http://tinyurl.com/dbxjbx

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