12 mars, 2009

Starbreeze vill utveckla eget IP

Enligt spelsajten NowGamer vill Starbreeze utveckla ett eget IP (intellectual property). Jerk Gustafsson från Starbreeze uppges ha sagt i senaste numret av 360 Magazine att de nu känner sig mogna att ta sig an ett eget IP.

"All those things we've learnt over the years, now we're at the point where we can make something that won't fail. It would be really nice to put all that knowledge into our own product...If we're to reach a new plateau from where we are now then that's the step that we need to take, but I don't know how long that will take", säger Jerk Gustafsson.

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Dmitri Kuznetsov sa...

This is actually very interesting. Because one of the things that StarBreeze could really benefit from is their own strong IP, offcourse it is more risky and requires some resources to implement but it is a must if the company wants to become independent from publishers.

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